Soul Whisk Mode refers to a mode where attacks will be greatly enhanced by borrowing the partner's power. If an enemy is defeated during this mode, all of their bullets will become sweets. Soul Whisk Mode can be entered by activating it once the Synchro Meter is completely full and ready. This mode only last 20 seconds.

The bullets can be converted to either chocolate items or cake items. This depends on the distance between the player and the defeated enemy when the final blow is dealt. If the defeated enemy is within the red Magic Circle area, then all of its bullets will become cake items. Otherwise, they will be turn into chocolate items. The red Magic Circle will constantly stay the same size during this mode, regardless of input.

Unlike in normal mode, the Magic Circle won't convert any bullets into sweets during Soul Whisk. The only way to convert enemy bullets is to destroy enemies. Once over, all enemy bullets will be cleared.

Full Soul WhiskEdit

Not getting hit during this mode for the whole 20 seconds will give the player a Full Soul Whisk bonus, which increases the Synchro Level by one. Otherwise, getting hit during this mode will force the player out of it; without losing a life.