◄ Stage 1
Stage Type Boss-Rush
Boss Tarosuke
Armors 2
Attack Patterns 5

Stage 1 of Sugar Shooter is the first stage in the game and the boss-rush stage of Tarosuke. It takes place in the Sugar Kingdom, in a setting with vast pancake stacks, topped by syrup.

Attack PatternsEdit

Attack Pattern 1Edit

Tarosuke drops one hanabi shell at a time. As the explode a ring forms around a center cluster, and the bullets proceed to spread out evenly. The outer ring moves inward before spreading out and following the initial wave.

Attack Pattern 2Edit

For information on Tarosuke's second Attack Pattern see: Fire Flower.

Attack Pattern 3Edit

Tarosuke drops three hanabi shells at a time. As they explode, the bullets quickly comet out in straight lines, followed by trails of bullets which spread out, causing a palm tree-like effect.

Attack Pattern 4Edit

For information on Tarosuke's fourth Attack Pattern see: Star Cross.

Attack Pattern 5Edit

For information on Tarosuke's fifth Attack Pattern see: Hellstorm.