Satan about to perform his Sugar Burst in Sugar Shooter.

Sugar Burst is the name of Prince Satan's Sugar Rush Attack in the Sugar Shooter games. It is a powerful, shock wave that will destroy anything inside Satan's Dessert Ring. When used to finish enemy's Attack Patterns, it will also destroy their armor, resulting in an Armor Break. In Sugar Shooter a Sugar Burst turns enemy bullets into extra plentiful sweets, but in Sugar Shooter 2 it specifically turns them into macarons.

Quick Sugar BurstEdit

Immediately releasing the Sugar Burst after activating it will perform a small Sugar Burst with an expense of 50% Sugar Power.

Sugar Rush modeEdit

Holding the Sugar Burst command will activate Sugar Rush mode. During this mode, the Magic Circle will keep increasing in size, while the Sugar Power keeps decreasing in percentage. Releasing at anytime will launch the Sugar Burst with the area of effect as large as the red Magic Circle.