This article is about Sugar Power, the sugar mechanic in Sugar Shooter 2. For information about the sugar mechanic in Sugar Shooter, see Sugar Level.

Sugar Power refers to the amount of sweets consumed by a playable character which determines the level of his weapon as well as allowing him to perform a Sugar Rush Attack. A character begins a level with a Sugar Power of 200%. The range of Sugar Power is 0 - 300%.

Weapon LevelEdit

For every added 100%, ranging up to 300, the Weapon Level will rise, resulting in stronger attacks.

0 - 199 - Weapon Level 1
200 - 299 - Weapon Level 2
300 - Weapon Level 3

Sugar RushEdit

Performing a Sugar Rush Attack requires a 200% Sugar Power or above. The Sugar Power will also continue to decrease, while the character's Magic Circle continues growing.

If the character is hit during Sugar Rush mode, he will be forced out of it and the Sugar Power will be reset to 0. The character will not lose a Life when hit during Sugar Rush mode though, and the percentage will refill automatically until it reaches 100%.